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(Mobile Fridge/Freezer)

Below are the standard sizes for the fridge freezer trailers but we can manufacture any size you require. 

2,2 meter range
2,2m (L) x 1,2m (W) x 0,7m (H)
2,2m (L) x 1,2m (W) x 1,2m (H)
2,2m (L) x 1,2m (W) x 1,5m (H)
2,2m (L) x 1,2m (W) x 1,8m (H)
2,4 meter range
2,4m (L) x 1,5m (W) x 1,2m (H)
2,4m (L) x 1,5m (W) x 1,5m (H)
2,4m (L) x 1,5m (W) x 1,8m (H)
2,4m (L) x 1,8m (W) x 1,8m (H)
3,0 meter range
3,0m (L) x 1,5m (W) x 1,2m (H)
3,0m (L) x 1,5m (W) x 1,5m (H)
3,0m (L) x 1,5m (W) x 1,8m (H)
3,0m (L) x 1,8m (W) x 1,8m (H)
3,6 meter range
3,6m (L) x 1,5m (W) x 1,2m (H)
3,6m (L) x 1,5m (W) x 1,5m (H)
3,6m (L) x 1,5m (W) x 1,8m (H)
3,6m (L) x 1,8m (W) x 1,8m (H)
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This is just a short list of the extras please contact me.

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